Unicorn coloring pages coming soon!

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Just a quick note to let everyone know I’m still hard at work, building my skills by sketching out some unicorn coloring pages. They’re as cute as toast, I dare say! I can’t wait to ink them. ^_^

sweet unicorns pencil drawing by candyhippie

sky pegacorns pencil drawing by candyhippie

I have been absolutely GORGING MYSELF on pink kawaii rainbow unicorn everything lately. Nothing raises the spirits like pastels, rainbows and adorable majestic creatures. Not that I need my spirits raised for any particular reason, thank goodness; it’s just nice to be even happier than usual. Right now I feel like I could make 300 kawaii coloring books full of unicorn coloring pages and more (and more and more). I have ideas for original characters with sweet backstories, too.

But here is the tricky part. Will I sit down and do the work (so much work!) through these last days of summer, rather than enjoying another long bike ride, or kicking the  ball around at the park, or going shopping for cutesy kawaii goodies? I’LL DO MY BEST! This may mean I’ll be flitting my way outside all the time anyway, but I’ll also be coming back in sooner than usual and sitting my butt down with my pencils and fineliners. I must! These themes are made for me!

This I can promise: there will be a unicorn-themed CandyHippie coloring book before Christmas 2018. It will include all of my unicorn mandalas, plus several hand-drawn unicorn coloring pages, including a unicorn teeny zine.

So, What do you think? Do you like my sketches? Do you have any requests for things I might include in my next few unicorn coloring pages? Leave me a comment below — I’d love to hear from you!

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