The Third Annual Windsor Marijuana March and Culture Fest

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12122409_529164503898710_6869255095443191481_nThe day of the Fest was cold, wet and blustery (we’re talking four-sweaters, touque-and-mittens blustery) and the picnic-style coloring corner I set up with pillows, free coloring pages, markers and crayons didn’t get much use, but we stuck it out and had a pretty good time anyway. My hemp necklaces got all soggy, rainwater wormed its way into the pinback buttons and I couldn’t really show off my coloring books because the rain would wreck them, but I and my selling partners still managed to make a decent number of sales. I gave out nearly all of my free buttons (with business card attached, wink wink), and sold a handful of coloring books.

12108031_529164507232043_2752243169744082659_nUnsurprisingly, we were in good company. We made some new friends, danced and chatted and enjoyed comradery with kind strangers. Spirits were high (pun!) despite the rain and wet. Two bands, Border Patrol and Sound System, provided great music while momentary mists of smoke wafted up from circles of sitting stoners. Due to our table’s close proximity to the hot-box tent I came down with some spacy giggles, which were soothed by some delicious pulled pork from the Snackbar B Q tent.

marijuanamarch1When it came time to march, I adopted my favourite sign in the pile: a big charicature of PM Stephen Harper hitting a bong. It was a true work of art. I used another sign reading “I want to be leaf” (veteran X-phile here) for strength against the wind and tried to take good care of it. Alas, by the end of the marijuana march both signs were in tatters from the weather and had to be thrown away with the rest. I want to reiterate that I did not draw the charicature myself! I don’t know who the artist is, but initials on the sign read “LW.”

12108772_529164567232037_1220385693032334880_n Many thanks to friends and family for your support and assistance, the transportation, setup, cleanup and company. And more thanks to everyone at Endless Heights and the Rockhead Comedy Quarry for organizing. Looking forward to next year — and hopefully some kinder weather.

For those who attended the Marijuana March and for those who didn’t, I’ve provided the event coloring poster I made, as well as a coloring page of the mandala by itself, for FREE in the shop: here you go!

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