It’s starting to look a bit like Christmas…

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November 7th was my two-year Quit Smoking Anniversary. After smoking for half my life, I haven’t even touched a cigarette since 2013! I don’t miss them at all. I’m so over the constant yucky throat, the dampered smell and taste, the nagging cravings and the expense. To celebrate my quittiversary, my fiancee surpised me with some Prismacolor Scholar colored pencils. They’re nice and rich and smooth. I got them just in time to color my new Christmas Mandalas coloring book cover and thumbnails.


I decided to make a duct-tape insert for an old wire mesh box I had sitting around, so now I have a pencil case. It even has a divider to separate the new Prismacolors from the others. These are all the colored pencils I own. A lot can be done with a only a set or two of pencils! A few of my favourites have been whittled down to nubs, so my set was definitely due for replenishing.

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