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mini halloween coloring book by Candy Hippie
mini halloween coloring book by Candy Hippie candyhippie.commini halloween coloring book by Candy Hippie candyhippie.commini halloween coloring book by Candy Hippie

Halloween Teeny Zine


A little eight-page printable Halloween coloring book. Great alternative to candy for trick-or-treaters. Fold this portable, giftable little coloring book from a single printed sheet! Simple instructions are included with the download.

Details below.

Download this individual teeny zine upon purchase to print, fold and color it as many times as you please. The zine is not watermarked, colored or signed. To accomodate different paper sizes around the world, this purchase comes with two PDF files: a version for Letter paper, and a version for A4 paper. It also comes with a PNG image of step-by-step easy assembly instructions.

Candy Hippie drew the pages of this teeny zine by hand, then added digital touchups to finish with a perfectly professional, clear image. The final printed page will have no blurs, blemishes or unwanted lines.


Print using a laser printer to prevent smudging when coloring, especially if you’ll be using ink, markers or paint rather than crayons or colored pencils. Consider printing on card stock rather than plain paper to prevent your pigments warping or bleeding through your page.


Please don’t sell the PDF files you buy from Candy Hippie and do not sell printed copies, or use the image(s) for any commercial use. You are welcome to give printed copies of this image unaltered as gifts to people you know, but the artist requires that you please do not give away copies of the file itself. Thanks for understanding! ^_^

This Halloween Teeny Zine is also available in the Candy Hippie Etsy shop.

  • candadmin

    “Just the right thing to keep the kids busy while getting into the Halloween spirit.”
    Etsy review by debbieadahl, Oct 3 2015

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