loving kindness mandalas printable adult coloring book
loving kindness mandalas printable adult coloring bookloving kindness mandalas printable adult coloring bookloving kindness mandalas printable adult coloring book

Loving-Kindness (Metta) Mandalas


A book of twelve mandalas inspired by the Buddhist loving-kindness metta meditation practice. Color them just for casual fun, or color them in a more focused and structured way to cultivate loving-kindness, compassion and joy within yourself.

Details below.

A bit about Loving Kindness

Loving kindness meditation originates in Buddhism, but there’s nothing inhnerently religious about it. It is simply the focused practice of wishing oneself and others well no matter how you feel about them otherwise. With time and dedicated practice this meditation style cultivates stable inner peace and happiness. It makes the compassionate state of mind ever more familiar and accessible at all times in everyday life. This cultivation of loving kindness is good for the meditator and good for everyone the meditator meets.

Loving kindness meditation can be like a daily walk or jog. It is an enjoyable form of exercise for maintaining good health. While you by no means need to color in order to meditate, coloring can help. Learn more about using this coloring book for loving kindness meditation by visiting my blog post on the subject.

Product Specifics

This is a digital download adult coloring book split into two PDF files, containing a combined total of 12 mandalas, with one mandala per coloring page. The files are available for download upon purchase. Each coloring page is sized to fill an 8.5×11-inch sheet of paper with half-inch margins. They’ll print just fine on other standard sizes, like A4 paper, as well.

These mandalas were digitally designed from scratch by Candy Hippie and retouched to create crisp images with no blemishes. The printed pages look clean and pristine!

Tips for Printing

Print using a laser printer to prevent smudging when coloring, especially if you’ll be using ink or paint rather than crayons or colored pencils. Printing on card stock rather than plain paper should prevent your pigments bleeding through your pages.

Please don’t sell the PDF files you buy from Candy Hippie. Do not sell printed copies, or use the image(s) for any commercial use. You are welcome to give a few printed copies unaltered as gifts, but the artist requires that you please do not give away copies of the files themselves. Thank you for understanding! :)

You can now find Loving-Kindness Mandalas in the Candy Hippie Etsy shop.

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