Marijuana mushroom hippie mandala adult free coloring page by Candy Hippie
Marijuana mushroom hippie mandala adult free coloring page by Candy Hippie candyhippie.comMarijuana mushroom hippie mandala adult free coloring page by Candy Hippie candyhippie.comMarijuana mushroom hippie mandala adult free coloring page by Candy Hippie

Free coloring page: The Basis of Nature


A central yin yang represents balance in nature, while bordering pot leaves and mushrooms suggest a way of tuning in.

This free mandala is available only at Download this free coloring page PDF and experience the high quality of Candy Hippie coloring pages first hand!

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Best possible quality. I put careful attention into all of my coloring pages. The free coloring pages you find online tend to be pixellated, blemished and messy, and come in strange sizes that stretch or look weird when you print them out. Even published coloring books sometimes have messy lines. My coloring pages are different. They’re post-produced so that every line is perfectly smooth and clean: the black is perfect black, and the white is pure white. My pages are also sized to fit standard printer paper.

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Giftable. You are welcome to give printed copies of my coloring books to your loved ones as gifts, while also keeping copies for yourself. Because the quality is so high, recipients won’t mind that their gift came right out of your printer. They probably won’t even notice!

Unbound. Coloring in bound published coloring books can be tricky for two reasons. First, the line art on a page can be printed too close to the seam of the binding, making it hard to reach for coloring. Second, it can be hard to move a bound book around in order to color the tricky parts from just the angle you want. Because my coloring books have no binding, you’re free to color every little nook and cranny from any angle.

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Get support from someone who cares. It’s rare for a customer to run into a technical difficulty when downloading and printing Candy Hippie files, but if you have any trouble, I’m here to help. Just contact me and tell me about your issue and I’ll do my very best to help you move that coloring page from your computer screen to your coloring desk. While I’m not a tech genius and can’t guarantee a fix, I have an excellent track record for helping customers get their files printed.

Offer support to an artist and entrepreneur. Candy Hippie is just me. I’m just one girl, drawing line art, designing mandalas, building my website and getting the word out about my art wherever I can. While I’m not quite earning enough to support myself yet, I won’t give up. I really believe in what I do: creating beauty and sharing it so others may bring beauty into their lives. All devoted artists deserve to make a living by following their passion. Support me by trying my free coloring pages, by buying my coloring books, and by sharing my links with your friends. All support is joyously appreciated.

More coloring pages. The more successful my business is, the more I’ll be able to invest in making more art, which means you’ll have a greater variety to choose from and more pages to color overall.

Thanks for spending time with me to learn about what I do. For the full experience, browse my shop! :D

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