Printable Easter Coloring Pages for Adults and Big Kids.

Easter coloring pages - printable spring coloring book PDF with bunnies and bookmarks by Candy HippieWelcome to the land of bunnies, chicks and mandala-printed Easter eggs — and more!  Some of these Easter coloring pages might not seem very Easter-y, for example, the Ornament Wreath page. But just imagine it colored in pastel pinks, greens and blues! I wish I had colored it that way myself for the thumbnail, truly. The tropical wreath would look perfectly Easter-y with the right spring colors too.

If you’re looking for a more general selection of coloring pages for Easter, try my spring coloring pages seasonal tag. There you’ll find a variety of coloring pages that are themed not just for Easter but the whole spring season.

And to all of you who keep a garden: good luck, much rain, and happy planting!