Easter bookmarks printable bookmarks to color - PDF coloring page by Candy Hippie candyhippie.com

Printable Bookmarks to Color

Each of these cloring pages contains four unique printable bookmarks, mostly with mandala patterns. I’ve chosen my favorite eight designs from each of my mandala coloring books to showcase in printable bookmark form. I’ve created some bookmarks for holidays: St. Patrick’s Day bookmarks, Easter bookmarks and Christmas bookmarks. There’s a hand-drawn set of mushroom bookmarks and also a two-page set of mini-mandala patterned bookmarks.

If you’re having trouble deciding among a few, take a look at my Big Bookmark Bundle. This bundle of fifteen pages, or sixty bookmarks, takes over 60% off the price of each page, and will keep your library stocked with coloring pages for ages. A few printouts from this collection will make a great gift for a librarian or other notorious bookworm. :)