Printed Coloring Books!

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The Windsor Marijuana March and Cannabis Culture Fest is coming up in a few weeks! As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to participate as a seller, which meant I needed printed books to sell, ASAP. I brought my coloring book files to Copy Shack yesterday and they were ready today. Introducing the very first printed Candy Hippie coloring books, modeled by yours truly:


I’ve got twelve copies each of Hippie Kitsch and Advanced Flower Mandalas to hock at the fair.


They’re my first books ever.


You bet I’m gonna sign ’em!


While I haven’t decided whether to sell printed books through the Candy Hippie Etsy Shop or even in my dot-com shop, these two and all the rest will be available in digital format for you to print at home or at a print shop far into the foreseeable future. I figure it makes the most sense to do it this way, since there are no shipping costs with digital files and no waiting. The valuable part is the data, not the paper, so why print and ship when we don’t have to? The future is now! :D

Still, all that said… it’s really nice to hold these babies in my hands.

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