My Coloring Page Muse is Back in Business!

I took over a year off! Why? Because I ran out of inspiration. I loved this work so much that I wrung myself dry and just kinda dropped out of it all one day, spent. I had no more creative energy for coloring pages. But now I’m inspired all over again and looking forward to making more stuff. My coloring page muse is back in business!

I wasn’t slacking during my time off, though — just appeasing my alter egos. Besides designing coloring pages and maintaining both this shop and my Etsy shop, I write fiction and draw pencil portraits. I’ve also been getting a lot of exercise, and generally tidying up my life and my house. I’m into organization and self-discipline lately, which is tough to do as a creative. I’m used to just going wherever my creative winds take me. And that’s exactly why I needed to get more organized. My day planner is now my best friend!

All in all, the future of Candy Hippie Coloring is bright and rainbowy. Here are some of my hopes and plans for the next few months. I may not manage to tackle everything, but I’ll try my hardest:

  • Unicorns! I’ve got a unicorn coloring book in the works. It will have both hand-drawn and mandala coloring pages in it, and probably some bookmarks too.
  • Holiday bundles. This year I’ve already made a Valentine’s Day coloring bundle and a St. Patrick’s Day coloring bundle. Next up: Easter.
  • Surprise packs. I’m going to be releasing a few small packs of secret coloring pages. You won’t know what’s in them ’til you have them. These pages won’t be available anywhere but inside the surprise packs, and there won’t be any doubles among the surprise packs.
  • Pile Pages. That is, piles of different things in a style similar to my Mushrooms coloring page, which has been such a big hit. I might even manage a whole book of pile pages!
  • Website & Etsy updates and maintenance. SEO, organization, better photos, boring stuff. You don’t want to know. Ugh, neither do I. This isn’t the fun part! :P

Thanks for sticking with me, everybody!

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