Halloween, mua ha ha!

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Halloween is less than three weeks away! Speaking of less than three, I <3 all of you who have already picked up some of my new Halloween goodies and left glowing reviews. Thank you so much! Your support keeps me creating, and grinning like a skull all the way. Except not emaciated and/or fleshless and/or dead.

I’ve finally got everything listed today. Phew. Time to call the roll.

halloweenmandalasthumb5b 1) Twelve single Halloween mandala coloring pages. Or technically, eleven Halloween pages and one autumn/Thanksgiving page, but I figure ’tis the season to group them together.

2) One Halloween Mandalas coloring book, comprised of the above twelve individual mandalas, for less than half the cost of buying all twelve individually.

HalloweenZinethumb43) One hand-drawn Halloween Teeny Zine mini coloring book, which in my honest opinion, has not gotten enough attention! It’s my favourite of all my Halloween creations. I’ll be making a pile of copies to hand out to trick-or-treaters and I think you should too! I just knocked a half-buck off, down from $4 to $3.50. Go see!

That’s that. I might draw something more, but I’m not sure what to do. My muse might be all Halloweened out. Which means… I must find my Christmas spirit. In October. Somehow. XD

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