Hiking through fall colors

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Does anyone else get tree cravings? It must be a form of going stir-crazy, city-crazy, something like that. I lay awake from time to time wishing for trees, not even entirely sure what I want to do with them. Walk among them, climb them, smell them, hug them, build a house out of them in them, cremate them under marshmallows. This craving can get so strong that it physically feels like a thirst, and I wonder how common it is. I should probably read more Whitman.

Fortunately, after a year or two of strong periodic craving, I got to spend the last week before Halloween in a Tobermoy cabin with family, working on my fire-building skills, soaking in the hot tub, harnessing the power of layering, sipping cider and most importantly, hiking. We explored the peninsula between Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay in several multi-hour hikes. Between the changing seasons and the crystal clear water, the colors were just breathtaking.

And the smells of composting leaves! I’d never been hiking before and it was nice to break in my new boots, and breathe and breathe, with no car exhaust stink, no emergency sirens, no trains, no noisy student neighbor parties. There’s nothing like the beauty of silence.

We had a calm day that left the lake like glass, and a windy day that howled and whipped up the night. Sadly, we couldn’t stargaze because it was the week of the full moon, which was like a massive flashlight in the sky whenever the clouds cleared away. Next time!

I also got to test my photographer’s instincts, and in the end took over 900 pictures of rocks and trees and water. I’ll spare you most of them, but here are a few of my favorites.













I have concluded that my instincts are OK but could use some honing.

Nature is the wellspring of artistic inspiration that they say it is, and I’ve had a better fill of fall than ever. I’ll be designing more line art in anticipation of winter all the way up until Christmas time.

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