Pages and Products

  1. Halloween Mandalas – halloween coloring book

    Grab your crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels, pens and paints for a creepy coloring cacophan

  2. 2Spooky – Halloween skeleton coloring page mandala

    Spooky skelly skulls border rings of candy in this skeleton coloring page.

  3. Zombie Horde – Halloween zombie coloring page


  4. Satan’s Pawn – Halloween devil coloring page

    Is that Death himself under Satan’s employ? A Halloween devil coloring page.

  5. PennyWise Guys – creepy clown Halloween coloring page

    These crazy, creepy fellas are inspired by a certain Stephen King clown to go kid-hunting every Hall

  6. Mr Mooneye – Halloween owl coloring page

    Mr Mooneye sits on his branch, watching.

  7. Miss Victoria Voodoo – creepy doll Halloween coloring page

    Miss Victoria Voodoo has been hiding in the attic bedroom corner for a very, very, very long time, b

  8. Henson’s Henchmen – Halloween monster coloring page

    A little bit purple people eater, a little bit E.T.

  9. Frank ‘n’ Friends – Halloween Frankenstein coloring page

    A Halloween Frankenstein coloring page. Monsters and lightning bolts surround Dr.

  10. Whacko Jack O’ – Halloween pumpkin coloring page

    Spooky Jack O’Lanterns encircle a wreath of candles and ghosts, with a spider web centre.

  11. Autumn Harvest – autumn coloring page

    Fallen leaves, apples, pumpkins and wheat represent a bountiful fall harvest.

  12. Eye of Newt – Halloween witch coloring page

    Witches, brooms and creepy eyeballs abound in this Halloween witch coloring page.

  13. Marilyn Mansion – haunted house coloring page

    Beyond the Jack O’Lanterns, over the rickety picket fence, through the overgrown grass and past the


  1. Halloween, mua ha ha!

    Halloween is less than three weeks away! Speaking of less than three, I